student staff roles 

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join the biggest team on campus


Your SU employs around 800 students every year to work in all of the departments we have. There’s a role for everyone; from Digital Communications Assistant to Venues Staff, Bakery Assistant to Finance Assistant and everything in-between!

Whether you’re looking to beef up you CV with real experience, earn a great wage alongside your studies or make new friends, working with us is a great thing to do during your time at UEA. Want to know more? Then get scrolling…


why work with us?


When we have roles available, they’ll be shown on this page - if there isn’t anything, then there isn’t anything open at the moment.

Working while you study is a great source of extra income to help with your accommodation and living expenses – but we offer so much more than just somewhere to earn money as a member of our student staff team.


We employ over 700 members of student staff every year, and in return for the hours worked, we can offer training and development, great opportunities you can’t get anywhere else and chances to really shape how we work as a business, as an advocate, and as a union for UEA students. As well as this, we offer flexible hours tailored around your timetable, and we pay the Living Wage Foundation rate of pay – at the moment, this is a whopping £9.00 per hour, plus an additional 12.07% holiday pay on top!


the important bits you need to know


your application

Please note that we do not need a CV or covering letter, and we won’t consider them as part of your application as we can’t judge them fairly. Instead, we ask you specific questions for the role, and we’ll judge your response based on this.

your role

From January 2019, you will only be able to take up one role with the Union. This is so we can properly monitor your hours, as we cannot provide more than 15 hours of work per week during term-time so you still have time for your academic studies – after all, your degree is why you’re a member of the SU!

your contract and conditions

If you’re successful as part of the process, you will be offered a fixed-term, zero-hour contract. While we recognise that broadly zero-hour contracts can be problematic for staff working for bad employers, we use these contracts to be as flexible as we can possibly be to fit around your timetable.

This means that some weeks you may have a lot of shifts, and some weeks you might not have as many (or any) hours of work, as you are employed subject to the needs of the business. Similarly, if you’re offered work but don’t have the time to take it, you can choose not to work and that’s absolutely okay – so no rushing to get your coursework done! If you do accept work and later decide you don’t want to work that shift however, it will be your responsibility to swap it with a colleague.

your status

It’s important to know your status in the workplace, and for the type of work you will be doing with uea(su), your status is as a worker. It is anticipated this will be for the length of time you are an enrolled, current student with UEA. When you cease to be a current student with the university, you will no longer be eligible for a student staff role, and we’ll have to terminate your contract.

your work

Some departments may wish to offer training and hours after the Easter break, but others may only wish to start your employment from the start of the next academic year. This will be communicated to you in any offer email you receive.




At the moment, we don’t have any open vacancies for student staff roles, so we aren’t accepting any applications.

If you applied to one of the jobs in the 2019-2020 recruitment rounds, we’ve kept the page active with the information you might need going forward about things like the timetable going forward and induction details. Head to that page below.


not sure?

Drop our HR team an email at, and they’ll be in touch with you within five working days.