student staff recruitment 2019-2020

woohoo! we’re hiring!

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we’re excited you want to join the team - we’re sure you’ll be great!


We’ve got loads of roles opening up across all of the SU’s departments with the majority of contracts being offered for the 2019/2020 academic year, though some departments may offer work from the end of the Easter break.


We’ve listed all of our roles below, along with their job descriptions and a shiny button to apply. When you click apply, you’ll be taken through to our recruitment system where we’ll ask you questions specifically about what you can bring to each role. Take your time to answer the questions, and make sure to answer fully – we’ve popped some tips further down this page for how to apply.

Once you’ve hit the apply button, your application will go directly to the recruiting manager for that role. They’ll consider your application, and you’ll get an email on Monday 18th February either letting you know you were unsuccessful in your application, or that we’d like to see you for a selection event.

Selection events are operated like mini-assessment centres – most departments will ask you to come in and take part in some tasks and maybe an interview. Don’t be worried – we’re always just looking to find out more about you, and how well you’ll fit the role.

After you’ve been to a selection event, we’ll be in touch again on Friday 15th March to either let you know you were unsuccessful or to offer you a role!

If you accept an offer, you will then need to attend a student staff induction – this is a mandatory part of employment with the students’ union and every member of student staff needs to attend this before working with us. The induction is scheduled for Saturday 23rd March. At this induction, we’ll take some information from you, you’ll find out all about working for the SU, and we’ll also train you in our Never Okay programme.

At the induction, we’ll need to see an item of the following types of identification:

  • Home students: full birth certificate or current passport

  • EU students: current passport or identity card

  • International/non-EU students: current passport and either your student/tier 4 visa, or a residence permit

We really do need to see the original document, so try and get a hold of it before the induction date. We can’t accept a photocopy or a scan from a parent, so please don’t rely on those, and we really can’t take any other items like a driving license.


recruitment timetable


a couple of notes on the timetable

Just so you know, we may close applications for some roles early due to volume of applicants – we’ll update the vacancies section if this happens.


If you think you will be completely unavailable between the dates for a selection event or for the induction, you should not submit an application. If you’re unable to make a selection event for a legitimate reason (academic, placement, family emergency) you will need to let us know as soon as you can. If you cannot attend the induction date, we reserve the right to revoke an offer of employment.

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available roles


union house assistant

This role will help our Operations team maintain our building, ensure positive visitor experiences, assist in projects and help with general maintenance

we’re hiring: less than five people


venues catering assistants

Our Venues Catering Assistants will produce quality food and drink throughout our Venues outlets (PizzaSU, the Fries Trailer and Costa Coffee) in a timely and safe manner.

we’re hiring: around 20 people


alcohol impact crew member

This role will support vulnerable students at our regular student club nights and assist the Alcohol Impact campaign by running daytime and evening awareness sessions. Please note, as this role will involve working club nights, this means the majority of the working hours will be between 22:00 - 03:00 on those days.

we’re hiring: around 15 people


university ssdc student panel member

This is a university panel and as such you will be working alongside university staff to consider case evidence. In this role you would be a full panel member, working with the university to consider cases relating to student discipline and agreeing outcomes with the other panel members.

we’re hiring: less than ten people


venues administration & marketing assistant

This role will assist the Venues team with a range of different roles including social media and marketing support, box office, commercial marketing and venues admin – working in the Venues team without the late nights!

we’re hiring: less than ten people

commercial designer

This role will sit with our Commercial Marketing team in Venues, creating and designing graphics and promotional materials, primarily for our commercial purposes, but also assisting with charitable opportunities.

we’re hiring: less than five people


daily deli assistant

This role will work within shop(su), specialising in producing high-quality, delicious hot food from our bakery unit in a safe and hygienic manner

we’re hiring: around 30 people

venues staff

Our Venues Staff work across a variety of roles, mostly based along front of house work in our main campus bars and in the LCR, but can also incorporate box office, cloakroom, runner, promotions and ents & tech roles.

we’re hiring: around 100 people


application tips


Don’t worry about a covering letter or CV - it won’t be considered, only your responses to the questions will be seen by the recruiting managers

Answer every question

Use your UEA email address to make sure you receive further emails from us

Be clear, and try to explain yourself fully

Try and use relevant examples to really show us how good your skills are

Try and spell as well as you can – there are several web browser plugins that may help with this!

Aim to write around 100 words per answer maximum. This is because we get over 1000 applications in total, so it helps if your answers are informative but concise – use your essay writing skills!



We’ve put some FAQs below to help with common questions, but if you’re really stuck, get in touch with either the manager for one of the roles, or our HR team.


I don’t know which role to apply for!

That’s okay, there are a lot on offer! Take your time and read through the job descriptions for each role – they’ll tell you a lot more about the type of work involved and what kind of person they’re looking for. If you interested, the hit that application button!

I’m on a year abroad but want to work when I come back – can I apply?

Yes! Please indicate either on your application form or by email if you get offered a selection event that you’re on your year abroad, and let us know when you’re going to be back in Norwich. We can make alternative arrangements just before the start of the academic year, but we cannot guarantee an offer of employment.

I will be starting in September 2019 as either an undergraduate or postgraduate student - can I apply?

We wouldn’t recommend applying unless you’ve got an unconditional offer, you know you’re definitely coming to UEA, and you can make it to campus for the selection event. We may be able to make arrangements, but we cannot guarantee anything. Some of our outlets may recruit again closer to the start of term, so it’s not the end of the world if you don’t apply this time!

Can I apply for more than one role?

You can, but you need to remember that you can only accept one offer, so think carefully about the roles you put yourself forward for.

I’m a health sciences or medical student on placement and can’t make it to anything – what do I do?

Apply anyway, and like for students on year abroad, let us know and we can try and make alternative arrangements where possible.

I’ll be graduating in July 2019. Can I apply for a job?

Given that the majority of these roles are intended to start in September 2019, we can’t accept applications from students graduating this summer. Unfortunately, it’s just not practical or fair on current student staff and our career staff team to train people who aren’t here for a substantial amount of time.

My CV and covering letter are really good - why won’t you read it?

We’re sure it’s wonderful! But when we recruit people, to be as fair as we can we need to be really objective, and we can’t do that using CV’s and covering letters as everyone has different versions. This is why we will only read the responses to the questions we ask, so make sure to focus on those.

I have a lecture when my selection event has been arranged – is it possible to get another one?

This depends on the role you’ve gone for – some of our bigger teams hold multiple selection events, so we may be able to move your slot, however some of our smaller roles can only offer one selection event so it’s not always possible.

I used to work for the SU, but I’ve been away on a year abroad/year in industry. Do I need to apply for my job again?

The first thing you should do is either contact the HR team or your former manager letting us know you’re planning on returning to Norwich (let us know a rough date) and that you’d like to work with us again. We can’t guarantee there will still be a place for you in the role you used to do, but if there is, the HR team will book a slot with you to do some paperwork, and your manager will arrange refresher training.